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What is it?

Map of Strength is a gym finder for strength athletes. We make it easy to find a gym with our curated map and directory of gyms.

When away from home it’s difficult to find a good gym to train at. Especially if you are an enthusiast or if you compete in a strength sport like Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting or Bodybuilding.

Our Mission

To make strength global.

Wherever you are and wherever you're going - we want to make accessing the best strength gyms in the world effortless.

Can I add my gym?

Of course! Anyone is welcome to submit as many gyms as they want, but all submissions are manually approved to make sure only suitable gyms are added to the list.

You can submit a gym for approval here.

What's the criteria for a gym to be added?

We have a whole blog post explaining how we curate gyms, and the criteria we use to approve gyms.

But as a quick filter the most basic screening we use is whether you can use chalk. If you can't, we probably won't add it to the list.

There isn't a gym for me in this location

Contact us and we'll find a suitable gym for you!

I have a question that wasn't answered here

Email us.


While we do our best to make sure the data on the site is accurate and up to date, we cannot make any guarantees about the reliability of the information.


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